Letter to my Sister

Sent in response to this upcoming movie.(can’t tell you what happened to this, but it was suppose to have a theatrical release in oct 2006)


anyway, I was a little agitated when i gat a message from her “OMG, Have you seen this?” my response…

Dear Sista;
Yes I am very familiar with this clip and the Actor/Director Bill Dukes (Predator/A Rage in Harlem), and have commented on this in Radio and TV interviews. Just looking at the trail of forwarding in this message alone, reminds me of my reference “there are people and persons who are compensated and have a vested interest in misinforming YOU, so that they can mismanage YOU!”
My question to the black community is usually two fold,

  • why do we continually fall into the trap of the obtuse? (specifically and in the case of the DL phenomenon/AIDS transmission to black women, refuted clinically ~ google David J. Malebranche/Gregorio Millet and meta-analysis study) and emotionally commit to the sensationalisms perpetuated by the media, the government, and the black church. Especially when these messages do nothing more than attempt to drive further the wedge between us. (The part that “all sistas much watch this” is a troubled message and very disturbing)
  • Does the black community not have the spiritual maturity to discern, and desire to seek truth when these types of messages about black men start to navigate their way through our collective sub-conscious? Or are we lemmings willing to accept any message, telling us anything, and trying to make us all jump off a cliff?

What I am discovering is that there are many of us who have a drama-seeking-look-for-the-worst-in-us-self-hating-propensity, that has perpetuated the demise of our community, our families, and black men over the past 40 years. Constantly marginalizing and identifying our blackness as a whole, by our lowest common denominator. This insignificant portion of our experience can no longer be allowed to define the majority behaviors of the group. The originator of this message closes with we need this? It’s a fallacy, it’s misdirected energy, and it is worthless. “WE, do not need this” at our juncture in our history…
The beautiful thing is, there is a new consciousness coming, specifically with the younger generation. They have watched the mistakes of the post civil rights generation, and are making up their own minds as to the future possibilities of blacks in america. They have decided our time of wandering aimlessly through the desert (the past 40 years ~ see Moses for parallels) is coming to a close, and many blacks are preparing to move into the promised land. The travesty is, the purveyors of the divide, the Bill Dukes, the Michael Dysons, the Harpo’s, and those of us who can’t see our greatness, will be left behind. Let Hollywood, the Government, or the Black church have the spoils.
Final question: Are you going to let the true indwelling of the holy spirit allow you to embrace our greatness and take on the responsibility of our future? Can you learn to live in freedom, or continue to perpetuate the mental oppression that seeks to destroy us all?
Here’s a test: FWD this message to those who sent you the original message, and I guarantee that this message will never make it to the originator of this poison. There is always someone along the way, waiting to hamper your journey, and distract your efforts to spread our truths….

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