Comedian Chris Rock talks about what Black men should do now.

BET Presents an Honest Look at Black Men

By BET.com Staff From the boardroom to the barbershop, Black men are speaking out against labels like “shiftless, lazy, and oversexed” – stereotypes that have been pressed on brothers for years. The hour-long look at Black Men’s views on women, families, homosexuality, education and the community will feature Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, comedians Chris Rock and Steve Harvey, playwright Tyler Perry, educator Eric Michael Dyson and others. Although the celebrities hit the issues with really solid opinions, some of the most cutting viewpoints in the piece come from the fellas, just kickin’ it at a local barbershop.

In the documentary, filmmaker Janks Morton argues that misinformation about Black men cannot be allowed to continue. They create a “disjointed race,” he argues.  Morton also debunks a popular myth – that there are more Black men in jail than those in college – a point he will explore in more detail in his upcoming film “What Black Men Think.”

“Black Men: The Truth” proves that African-American men are willing to talk with each other more and more these days. But the documentary is not just talk for talk’s sake. It’s a “mens’ meeting” where celebrities and regular guys share their daily struggle separating the way they see themselves from society’s view of them as “thugs and gangsters.” 

Comedian Chris Rock breaks it down, saying Black men “have to get from the assumption that they are going to be bad.”

“We should be capable of accomplishing anything,” NBA player Jerome Williams sums it up.  

Watch “Black Men: The Truth” Tuesday at 10 p.m. (ET/ PT).

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