July 29, 2007

Janks, I’d just like to say after viewing your film, that ALL of black America  needs to see this.
I walk in truth and I’ve been unplugged from the “matrix” that controls so many for years, it was by divine design tho, I can’t even take credit for the good LORD’S work.
Your film lifted my spirits and has renewed my hope in our future as a race and our present, just to know there are so many like minds that are free too, is such a joy to my soul. SOOOOOOOO many things that I live by and speak on, and know to be true, you broke down like a science!!!!!!!!!
I will be purchasing a copy on the Aug 3rd, but would like to have seen my whole lil 3 minutes LOL since I am the smartest woman on Georgia Ave!!!!

BRAVO JANKS, BRAVO for an effort in TRUTH very well done…..Janks Morton AKA The Black Mike Moore LOL

P.S. I would like to see a What Black Women Think also :–)

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