August 7, 2007

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WAKE UP! Not since ROOTS, the mini T.V. series of the 70’s, has a movie generated so much dialogue within the Black American Community and the internet. “The revolution will not be televised”, is an understatement when you see the negative images, cultured misconceptions, and antagonism toward black men inside their own community; including the naive carnage of children exercised by black women. Moreover, this movie illustrates how black people, once with an autonomous vision of the future, became reliant on government programs and broken promises.

Producer/Director Janks Morton narrates how some black organizations and self-appointed leaders profit from the negative data regarding black men; thus, generating government capital to support their organization or programs. Furthermore, Morton explores how the cultured misconception and negative images of black men generates millions of dollars for corporate America in the areas of music, television, and film [Hollywood]. As a result, the negative images are glorified making black male incarceration socially empowering and demeaning black women endearing. Because of this, black women have adopted negative black male stereotypes as the norm creating a civil social distance; to include not wanting to birth black children. Morton acknowledges this behavior earlier in the film by stating, “An Undeclared Civil War has been waged between black men and women”.

In short, the movie “What Black Men Think’, illustrates how the media, black leadership, and the entertainment industry profit from the negative metaphors about Black American men. The films key points are supported by statistical data and expert commentary from journalist and authors. I heard about this movie on satellite radio and various web sites throughout the summer; it’s only a matter of time before this DVD makes national news.
5 – out of 5 Stars……

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