September 3, 2007

Just as I expected, your film was great.  It really feels good to be empowered.  Yes, your ‘wake-up’ messages are empowering.  I watched it with my family.  You should have seen the smiles of the Black Men in the room.  This is what they are, and what they represent.   These are the men, who will correct you and not know you.  These are the men who will encourage their sons and daughters, and those around them.  These are the men who know the definition of sacrifice without complaint.  These men hold it together, for their families.  For these men, your film reaffirmed to them, they were the real Black Men of America with African descent; they and their families are the replica of the real black society in America.  It was wonderful to see the women of my family say ‘amen’, ‘that’s what I am talking about’.  Then they came with “where’s Jr., he needs to watch this”J  I would not let mine go or copy it for them.  I told them where they have to go to get it.  The ones with limited resources, I got them, I will order it for them.  Once again, Janks Morton, Thank you, for putting it out there for US; we needed to hear that and some more-the truth.  We will be waiting for part 2, 3, 4……. 

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