(Airdates: 10/19-10/25)
Producer/director Janks Morton sets out in his latest “doculog”, What Black Men Think, to expose stereotypes that have been perpetuated for many years within the African-American community.

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  1. Eric
    October 21, 2007 at 11:08 am

    Thank Tony Brown for having Mr. Morton on you Show. I believe Mr. Morton is getting to the root and the deceiption of the Civil rights law of the sixty’s. Greed and control. Who put the word sex in the law? I believe it was hoped that black men would be better able to get a job and support their families by the law. However by putting the word sex in the law, the sprit of greed and control was legalized. Giving satan a legal hold in our society. What we are seeing now in the black families are a sample of the intent of the law. Also, it opposes God’s way of doing things or if you like God’s order. So, what is going to happen to America? I believe because of the decepetion of civil rights law, that God, is going to give America back to the Indians or Mexican’s and make Africa the greatess country in the world again. The first shall be last, Africa was great at one time and has been last for a long time, and the last shal be first. For black men read the 51st Plasm
    God Bless us all

  2. October 22, 2007 at 12:46 am

    i am proud to read the black people are again starting to stand for pride in one self. i am very sick of all the wrong the black man is,when the true is its all a lie god loves us my brothers read the book for yourselfs thats why the world grinds us down because you are the chosen ones belief it my brothers it time to come together are father is waching us he knows we are strong show the world we are not trash we are kings and leaders of life i belief in you.

  3. Maxine McNeil
    October 22, 2007 at 3:23 am

    Thank you Tony Brown for having Janks Morton on your show Oct. 21, 2007 ET
    in Canada. I only got the tail end of the conversation, however: I found it very interesting. My heart aches when I here and see black man in the media shooting and killing each other.
    Yet the media does not put young black men that are doing well on the front page. Like your guest to night and many others. I am a proud black woman from a rich ancestry of hard working people in my family. I am afraid to listen to the new these days. Just because I do not want to hear of another young black man being arrested or killed here in Canada. When you here the new report and no race is identified you right away know it has to be white or some other race beside black. Because I guarantee, If it was, we would know it.
    Few years ago I went to a court room trail; In brampton, Ontario. When I look at the young men in the holding box; It contained people of different races
    East Indians, whites, blacks, and Orientals, however; In the Brampton Guardian, Toronto star, Toronto Sun you will see the censationalization of crimes young black man have done.
    The media has done a very good job of castrating young black man.
    My daughter was married to an Italian man from the US. When he came to Canada to see our family he was shock to see that we all had homes and we were all doing well. He stated that he was taught black people were all lazy and shifty. They are now divorce. The reason why I brought this up was the media has caused people from all walks of life to be afraid of young black men even non whites.
    I would just like to draw your attention to the Tyler Perry movie “why Did I Get Married”, I saw the advertisement regarding Tyler Perry Movie once here in Canada on TV; However, if that was a white producer it would be advertised on every single TV station. Also, I saw the movie twice both times I went in to the theater it was basically packed with mostly black people and a few whites and other races.
    However; black people will support any movie as long as it is good. We support East Indians, whites, Orientals, etc. businesses. Where are the support from these other communities when it is needed.

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