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So if you don’t know my stance on illegal immigration, I’ve summed it up in lectures by saying “let a black man walk down the street with a (legal) blount) in his hands, and 23 police officers will be on the scene in about 12 minutes’…Anyway I was bouncing around the web this morning and came across such a sounding a resilient arguement, I had to contact the writer to repost. This is just brilliant.

Amnesty by LeKiesha Browder


Amnesty: a general pardon, especially for those who have committed political crimes; a period during which crimes can be admitted or illegal weapons handed in without prosecution.

Would an American citizen, born or originating in America, receive amnesty if they found themselves in an illegal situation??

Scenario: I’m an African American female, driving on I95, no seatbelt, my 1 year old and 2 year old are in the back seat without car seats, but they do have on seat-belts. I’m speeding, 25 miles over the speed limit and I have an open alcoholic beverage. I am a US citizen with a valid driver’s license, but my car is uninsured and the tags are stolen. I get pulled over by the police. Should I receive amnesty??

How about someone of a different national origin??

Scenario: Twelve million persons, visit America, and decide to stay. No visa, no green card, no valid driver’s license, no job, no housing, and doesn’t speak English, or is very limited. Six million of the twelve million are pregnant without health insurance. Should they receive amnesty??

The lives of millions of people worldwide are devastated by the denial of fundamental civil rights. Human security is threatened by war and attacks by armed groups as well as by hunger, disease, ethnic cleansing, genocide and natural disasters. Freedoms are curtailed by repression, discrimination and social exclusion. With such a competitive labor market, the need for supply and demand outweighs the negative implications surrounding migration. Failing healthcare systems, declining education standards, language barriers, economic differences, and a huge change in national identity and demographics seem to be the least of concerns.

Should America accommodate, aid and abed illegal immigrants, by any means necessary?? People originating in lower economic areas, or in under developed countries should have the freedom and opportunity to migrate to wealthier more developed countries, to benefit from their higher standards of living.

The main anti-immigration themes are xenophobia, economic issues, environmental issues and the impact of national identity. With open borders comes over population, decline in government and government services, depressive wages, and the inequality of equal opportunities, which will lead to global disparity not global prosperity.


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