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While I love the premise of this, I still go back to the CHOICE to bring a child into the world goes both ways. So the while the “Blame the Black Man first” crowd cheers for this (as do I)…I still give pause and wonder where’s the graphic to compliment this message? It reminds me of a quote from author Steve Perry made during our interview (paraphrasing) “if he already has 2 different baby-mommas that you know of, and asks for your phone number, you should probably say no, hell no”


  1. pamelabrown40
    December 26, 2007 at 5:43 pm

    Loving on a 2-way street, Mmmm……. We have to love ourselves, instead of loving that yummy yum mmmmm good feeling (The feeling that starts with a kiss and sometimes ends with an unplanned pregnancy). Too often, people indulge in intimate relations with individual agendas, self doubts, or a bio filled with lies; usually on both parts. Sneaking trying to get a little release from sexual tension , usually gets people caught up, that goes for both sexes. While both sexes can blame each other, if a seed is planted, the roots will take hold or will they? That decision is left up to both parties or is it. The female says, ‘I am going to keep it’, he says,’ no I don’t want it.’ What generally happens: He uproots, goes on about his business, and her words become etched in stone ‘I am going to keep it’, angry and hurt she does just that, until the reality seeps in and she faces how hard it is to raise a child by herself, then that’s another chapter-The child support system, paternity test, court order and a more distant dad. The one that suffers, but is here, not asked to be, but is here, the CHILD-sometimes made to feel biased with the sexes off the top. Confusion in the home has already been planted.
    While I do not believe in it all being on the Woman or Man. I think if 2 are mature enough to give in to the harmonal induced, lusty acts and the woman becomes pregnant, the 2 should be responsible enough make a decision they can live with.
    Like I said we like that yummmy feeling, but before we indulge, make sure the other person’s agenda is the same as yours.

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