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So another radio show, another caller disagreeing with my premise, that the rise in social ills of young black men, would probably be best addressed by recognizing and resolving our “undeclared civil war” vs. any governmental social program (public schools included) . When I say “we have the lowest marriage rates, the highest divorce rates, the highest single rates and the highest out of wedlock birthrates, I was just looking at census data and compared to other groups, it jumps off the page. So I went goggling today to look for some additional data on the basis of my comments, and low and behold, a couple of somebody elses have put book and a study to my thesis.

OUT of WEDLOCKCauses and Consequences of Nonmarital Fertility












Of particular interest are these quotes from the text:

Compared with teenagers of who grow up with both parents at home,

adolescents who have lived apart from one of their parents during some

period of childhood are twice as likely to drop out of high school, twice as

likely to have a child before age twenty, and one and a half times as likely to

be “idle”—out of school and out of work—in their late teens and early



Unmarried mothers are less likely to obtain prenatal care and more likely to

have a low birthweight baby. Young children in single-mother families tend

to have lower scores on verbal and math achievement tests. In middle

childhood, children raised by a single parent tend to receive lower grades,

have more behavior problems, and have higher rates of chronic health and

psychiatric disorders. Among adolescents and young adults, being raised in

a single-mother family is associated with elevated risks of teenage childbearing,

high school dropout, incarceration, and with being neither employed

nor in school.:

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