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I guess BET re-aired the special they did about the film tonight, cause I got like 17 emails, 12 text messages and 6 phone callls, basically saying you’re on BET. The original air date was back in early June of 2007, about a month and a half before the release of the film. Man I have done so much media, i forgot how integral a part that special was to raising awarness about the film (I got a whole 8 minutes – which is a millineum on TV) time…so here’s the press release about the special and the video clip.


— An In Depth View of How African American Men See Themselves

BET NEWS Correspondents Samson and Jeff Johnson Investigate How African American Men Feel About themselves and Their Portrayal in Society, Sunday, June 17, 2007 at Noon/ET

NEW YORK, June 11 /PRNewswire/ — On Sunday, June 17, 2007, BET News will premiere a thought-provoking special, BLACK MEN: THE TRUTH. This one-hour program brings you candid conversations about the many frustrations of being Black and male in America. Chris Webber, Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, Allan Houston, Idris Alba, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama and many others hold nothing back as they share their intimate feelings on a variety of issues, important to Black men. Join BET News as they once again tackle provocative subject matter — Sunday, June 17, 2007 at Noon/ET, immediately following MEET THE FAITH.

BLACK MEN: THE TRUTH challenges many of the negative myths, assumptions and ideas that have been linked to Black males. For example, “Are there more black males in jail than in college?” or “Are African American women contracting HIV at an increasing rate because of down-low brothers?” BLACK MEN: THE TRUTH gets to the bottom of many of these myths and dispels them. Additional controversial topics discussed include; “Perceptions of Black women”, “Interracial relationships”, “Black Masculinity”, “When do you become a man?”, “Education and Black boys”, “Black male homosexuality” and a variety of tough topics that society is afraid to address.


[SIDEBAR – man I’m not really vain, but looking back I was right in the thick of editing the movie (12-18 hour days for like 6 weeks) and I look bad, or tired, naw, just bad!]

Now I’ve had my beefs with BET in the past, but what I loved about this interview, it was the first time I can recall, in a very public format, Vince Schiraldi  finally conceded that there are more black men in college vs. jail (for the 18-24 demographic only)…Took 3 long years of badgering, emailing, faxing, interviewing and some more communiqué, just to get the JPI to finally move on that point alone (no pun intended for all you who know my battles with moveon.org and that Soros guy for backing the cellblocks vs. classrooms “study”). Maybe because he is no longer Director, he figures what the hell, what have I got to loose. I’ll refer him to that scene from the Shawshank Redemption when Andy got his first series a books by writing one letter per week to state officials. He got the books, and started writing a letter a day (I believe). So maybe, just maybe,  in another three years the JPI will move on the Jail vs. College comparison all together (regardless of age), and find another way to skew public perception of black male identity. So hats off to BET for stepping up to the plate on this, and sincerely, thanks for allowing me to vent in a well put together special.
 Man how time flies, seems like I did this last year….

  1. December 28, 2007 at 9:46 am

    I am glad about the program and hated I missed it. But you will have to excuse me if I hold off all praises to BET till I see a change in the pattern of their programing.

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