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by Tanisha Vann

The measure of a man how do we do it? Is it in his power and strength of his arms? How about his capacity to love unconditionally with everything he has. Men have this way about them this beautiful essence that exudes pride. I know that it hasnt always been easy for our black men. They have struggled with life lessons about love, respect, integrity and love. It is with those struggles that has made them stronger and sometimes harder to reach. Once your break through those barriers and speak directly to their souls you see them, the real them not their facade. Their true essence starts to shine through. We can see it in his eyes when he sits back and stares at us or looks directly in our eyes trying to get inside our mind. We can feel it with his every touch. We can feel it through the way that he loves. He loves hard, passionately, with his mind , body, and soul. His love takes us on a journey of trials and tribulations but if you stand just a strong and proud as he does it will all be worth it in the end. Sometimes people search the world to find that rare love that is like a diamond in the rough. A man has a certain pride about them that doesnt always allow them to ask for help but if you look, listen and love you can know what he needs without him asking. A man’s love is a shelter or a safe haven for the right woman. It is a place where you can feel safe and secure. There is no greater feeling than your man wrapping his arms around you and you feeling a sense of security because you know that you’re in the safest place. Do we measure a man by the way he walks and talks? For each woman those answers on how she measures a man will be different. I do know this one of the best ways to measure a man is by measuring the woman that stands besides him

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