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Happy New Year…stop the violence,, enough is enough, save our sons and the plethora of organizations I have been blessed with over the past year to have come in contact with. Keep the faith, keep on task, and (I can’t believe I’m using this cliche’) keep hope alive. Seriously your work does not go unnoticed, and there are many of us rooting and cheering for you all…

I guess the best way to summarize 2007, and what this project has been about is probably best described as anti-this photograph. I talk about myths, mispreceptions and stereotypes, and how devastating they can be on how black men and black women relate to one another.

Well this pretty much sums it up…


See while native born african american children are born at an out-of-wedlock rate in excess of 74% (if you include African born it drops to 69%), the implied message is that the underlying causality of this situation rest solely with black men, and their negating their responsiblities, and should be held accountable (only) for this tragic circumstance. Even more disturbing someone sat in front of their computer, gathered their thoughts, gathered their Photoshop skills, assembled this graphic, and went ahead and posted it to the internet. Then of course it got circulated, hit my inbox, and I got distraught, knowing that someone would stoop so low. Question: for arguements sake…who do you think made this? Man or Woman? White or Black. These questions and more I hope to explore further with you in 2008. May YHWH bless you and keep you all, and it is my hopes that the coming new year we’ll  see a cesation in the madness, that is far too pervasive in our comunities, our families and ourselves.Janks

 I’ll close out the new year with a final word from “the artist will” …

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  1. Tanisha
    December 31, 2007 at 9:45 am

    1. We spend too much time making things the fault of the Black man or the Black woman. Its a collective problem and there is no one solution.

    2. That last graphic is exactly my thought. Too many of us are looking for someone else. We need to step up ourselves. Even the “black leaders” did everything 100% the way most people wanted them to there would still be a lot to do because there are only a few of them.

    Organizations and groups are out there combating the very things people say they want leaders to be focused on. They are local, working in the communities everyday but they are ignored in favor of national figure heads.

    We need to give our support to the local leaders who are mentoring our people and trying to make a change.

    Besides, activism in a niche industry. You thing may be cancer, AIDS, elderly, pets, the enviornment. The “leaders” have made racism, civil rights and discrimination their niche and I’m fine with that. Its not like those things have been wiped out.

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