by Dr. Henry Louis Gates (who I tried desperately to get in the movie, but what the heck. Can you spell S-E-Q-U-E-L?)

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This is where I start scratching my head again, somebody is serving up some whip cream pie, and I’m going to have to one of those thurough analysis of the facts when I get the time. Anyway, Dr. Gates’ headline states that we have both the largest middles class and the largest undeclas (that’s the word that scares me) in the history of blacks in this country. From the census (and I realize this is a little dated, like I said give me a few days to do my homework: The question I ask first is the Black Underclass has expanded since this report? possibly, but then what were the poverty rates for Blacks in 1959?):

African Americans by the Numbers

From the U.S. Census Bureau Population Total 36.4 million
The number of U.S. residents who reported as African American alone or in combination with one or more other races in Census 2000. This group made up 12.9% of the total population.Income and Poverty $30,439

The 2000 median income of African-American households, representing a new all-time high. The 2000 median was up 5.5% from 1999.

Poverty rate for African Americans in 2000, the lowest measured since 1959 the earliest year for which poverty data are available. The 2000 rate was down from 23.6% in 1999. About a half-million fewer African Americans were poor in 2000 than in 1999 (7.9 million versus 8.4 million).

So know you see why I get very little sleep. This stuff will make you crazy, everybody spinning data every which-a-way. Make a brother want to start taking medication (legal). But you know my simple solution to all of this foolishness, right?


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