After the ESSENCE article and the flame-thrower frenzy that followed, there were several communique I received, that had me, well, on the edge of my seat. Anyway, after a little research, a little consultation, and a little calming down, look what happens! This one made me smile…

Mr. Morton,

I sincerely apologize for my post and the amount of confusion I may have brought to your site.  After further investigating you, the film, and this movement, I have found it to be truly sincere.I guess years of being fed negative statistics by the media and others have had a toll I have somehow come to accept them as fact. Your voice, movement, and stance is SO VERY needed.  Not only for the general society, but also for young black women like myself.  I adore black men, with every fiber of my being and need them to be the men God created them to be.   There indeed is a “civil war” on our relationships.  For the (true, lol) record I am a “pre”-med student in a mid-western university.  I have noticed the breakdown in our relationships, and the lengths brothers and sister will go through to subconsciously hurt each other.

Although I am young, I am very well-read, and socially conscious.  I called all my friends, both male and female, and told them to tune in to the BET special “The Truth Behind Black Men.”  In this special I saw you, heard your comments and thought that they were very thought provoking.  I just now, after viewing the rest of your blog,  come to realize that you are the same person. As stated before I am extremely sorry.  Your clarification of otherwise misleading statics is NEEDED.  There is a devestaing movement out there that is trying to have sister date out, while quoting the “More black men in jail…” crap.  I must admit, however, that I am still skeptical about the 2% DL HIV transmission…just how did you deduce that to be the actual percentage???

Anyway, this comming Fri. I intend to buy your DVD, and have already told my mom do the same.  Please let me now if there if anything in my town that I can do to further this movement.



  1. Annaleisha
    December 9, 2009 at 3:48 pm


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