Subject: THANK YOU -Please Read All

I showed your page to my 21 year old nephew and he no longer sags his pants or wear his $800 chain or his $1000 2 peice gold mouth peices. His whole attitude and the way he cares about himslef has changed. Again THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!! This helps more that you know!!!!!!!!!
Thank you very much for having the courage and inspiration to create such a beautiful, informative, mind blowing, educational, life saving, prideful, fact filled film to help us, help ourselves with the facts of OUR lives and not thoes the main stream media would want us to live by.



Subject: My Brother

I hsd to come and speak this to you
I watched the two video’s on your page
they are the best video’s I have ever watched
The message was clear, and so true
I thank you, I just hope that more black’s
will watch them and comprehend the message
and learn something from them.
I sure did >>>>>. THE TRUTH.
I was blinded but now i see
  1. January 9, 2008 at 10:33 am

    Now that is good work right there. getting a Kid to change his out look in life says something.

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