So a tool I love about the wordpress site, every day i get a (free-YAY!) report that tells me what search engine terms people used to navigate to the website. You may see me post sometimes “BECAUSE YOU GOOGLED” typically II do it in response to seeing multiple queries, especially related to data and statistics or claims from the film. Today I want to let you see what I see, and why sometime I may have a particular “tone” to my blog narrative. In some deep Orwellian fashion, Big Brother is truly watching, so watch what you seek? So here’s my top 10, in no particular order… (I looked for the ones that made my head lean to the side like that dog on The Little Rascals)

1.                 are black women considered to be pretty     1

2.                 what is it about a woman’s ass that men      2

3.                 trying to love a black men                         2

4.                 cheating with black men                            1

5.                 black man ego on women                          1

6.                 sex with black men tips how to handle        1

7.                 black women realizing they will be alone     2

8.                 do black men appreciate black women?       1

9.                 love sorry black men                                 1

10.            do black men really love black women?       1

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