“The intellectual efforts and achievements of real black intellectuals are constantly being undermined by the fools posing as black intellectuals who think using twenty-dollar words is more important than knowing what they mean, and who loudly embrace as truth any idea that seems nice and comfy to them, without bothering about whether it has any connection to reality. I don’t mind that these folks come off as clowns, because that’s all they are. What I do mind is that they discredit all the genuine black intellectuals, just because some moron with a three-piece suit and a thesaurus has been out puffing himself up as the Supreme Intellectual Pinnacle of the Negro Race…”



in response to Willie Lynch (fact or fiction)?

Categories: QUOTABLE
  1. thinking it over
    January 12, 2008 at 1:03 am

    I hate it when I am having a conversation and here comes a black really acting like they know what they are talking about on behalf of black people! I hate it because often they just don’t get it, don’t understand the point of the conversation, do not understand the issue. We all may be that person to some people, but oh gosh I hate it when I hear these people!

    And sure, you may repost my blog entry but as long as you give me credit under ThinkingItOver and link back to my blog.


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