OK, so two things I love about TV, and two things that really erk me about TV.

TV’s positives:

  1. Great exposure, really gives you an opportunity to spread the positive message of the film to such a wide audience.
  2. A great medium for dialogue. Where people don’t see the static non-interactive narrative of You-Tube, or even the Film.


TV’s negatives:

  1. From picture above. So I really never let them put on that heavy make-up gooey stuff. It’s pretty thick, so I have a new appreciation for the extra 45 minutes or so women spend “getting pretty”, foundations and bases and powders, and all this stuff, of which I was unfamiliar until my first appearance on Tony Brown’s Journal. So in a mad rush to get this “stuff” off my face, I get out to the car and grab a couple of leftover napkins from the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Deal I had that morning, and commence to wiping this layer of goo off (and some lip stuff too, can you spell emasculating). Anyway job well done, back to Mr. Manly Man, right? WRONG. Next morning when I wake up i have an acne outbreak to rival a pubescent teen. So my mother explains to me, next time got to the bathroom, get some water and wash your face. Lesson learned.
  2. So the second problem I have with TV will pretty much only be solved by a visit to the Hair Club for men, or some of the spray on stuff that they sell at 2:38 in the morning on SPIKE TV. I’m on the fence on this one, because I didn’t think I had that much vanity (I hear some men get a mirror thing happening in the bathroom looking at the gaping dome, or take the remaining strand and try to cover up ~ not there yet) , but dang, when you see this patchles scalp on the 52″ wide-screen HD TV, well I see why the Hair restoration is multi-billion dollar industry. I don’t think this is what Morris Day meant by Bear Skin Rug.


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