I must say I was surprised by what I saw on your page. Let me clarify I am aware of the stats and figures what surprises me is the fact that you care enough to educate other people. Usually when I see a recent visitor that has been on my page with a serious title under their page I have been very disappointed that their name was simply picked to use as bait to get ladies attention and they have not a clue what their actually advertising. I take my hat off to you, a positive brother with a positive attitude and message. Simply put I APPRECIATE YOU.


One of my other missions in life is to really take time to explore and educate myself about the true black man that I know exsists in this world and that I have not given up on. there are so many stereotypical black men out there that if your not careful you can start to belive that there is nothing else to look for in a black man other than what is portrayed. Thank you for actually helping me in my quest to search and detroy the myth that has been inplanted in my head about my black brothers…..
You are blessed in doing what you do and if you have any other sites you reccomend me to check out please let me know.
Your sister that believes in the true black man and what he thinks.


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