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out with the old

Southern Blacks are split on Clinton vs. Obama

Newspaper’s board members refuse to betray who supporting in private

Hillary Clinton in Spartanburg, South Carolina

By Shaila Dewan

NY Times

ATLANTA – The People’s Voice African-American Weekly News in tiny Roanoke, Ala., has not endorsed a candidate in the state’s Democratic presidential primary on Feb. 5 — much to the frustration of its publisher, Charlotte A. Clark-Frieson, a Barack Obama supporter.

“I’m trying to get ready to endorse him, but my board is so split,” Ms. Clark-Frieson said.

While letters to the paper are almost unanimously in favor of Mr. Obama, she said, the older of the state’s two black political organizations, the Alabama Democratic Conference, endorsed Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in October. (story continues here)

boy I could let some really nasty narrative go on this one, but you know my thoughts. See, the “there are two types of black people” post. And this bunch of “we shall overcome” yahoos are putting me on the verge of ecstasy. Today I’m officially rooting for OBAMA, just so he can continue to expose’ those of the old guard, those that would continue a system that benefits and lines their pockets at the expense of us, those that should be put out to pasture.

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