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that can’t be correct

January 19, 2008

Pro-choice supportersor something along those lines were the words of my (former) pastor when I shared with him the details from my research on this topic. After an hour long debate, and exchange of the data, he wasn’t moving, and neither was I, so you respectfully disagree and move on. But it was after my discussion with him, I began to realize that some of the premises advanced in the movie really expose’ a persons positions, thoughts, knowledge and perspectives on the Modern Era Black Situation. I got the facts, you have your opinions is like trying to mix oil and water. With Obama doing a similar parallel in his candidacy (allowing an expose’ of certain persons, persons riding the gravy train of the woes of the Black Community), 2008 is shaping up to be very interesting.

My Point, initially I was shocked that MSNBC would put this out there during and election year. But after further analysis, it seems that they want to make abortion a non-issue this campaign cycle (because the totals are down). However it still proves my point that over 1000 (I’ve been using 1052 looks like I was wrong, its 1062 per day – I need to stop doing research at 4A.M.) are happening in the Black Community every day, and still no one is saying anything with any consistency in the media.


Who’s getting abortions? Not who you’d think

Half of the women are 25 or older; most already have a child

(story continues here)

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