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what I’m feeling, today

Reflecting on what has been a day of,….well reflection, Track 2 “Lord” kept going through my head today. “So many people use your name in vain”…And while I could go on a long tirade/diatribe about the abominations I heard and saw today, I’ll let the “old guard” fade slowly into the sunset. See today for the first time since I’ve been attending these annual gatherings, today was the first time, I looked around the room, and I wasn’t the only one shaking my head in disappointment. And you know who was shaking, the Joshuas, the under 30’s…The Promise Land is just around the corner, and this next set of leaders are brewing quietly now, but when they awaken and wrestle the reigns of the community from these “we shall overcome” sing-songing, status quo clinging (OK I’ll stop), the cheetahs that the youth are, will pass these hippos so swiftly, they will never see it coming. 
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