I am a Conservative,

I Support the War & Our Troops,

I am Against the Marriage Amendment,  

I am Pro-Life,

I am Anti-Immigration…

by LeKiesha Browder   

            I know where I stand, do you?  What are you looking for in a candidate?  How will you be impacted if the wrong candidate is elected to the most powerful position in the country? 


We have come too far to allow any candidate to use us when they knowingly do not have our best interest in mind.  Our founding fathers were pioneers, and amending their original declarations places the next generation at risk.  We need to have moral and ethical ideals instilled in our children in their learning years.  That was the intent of our forefathers, which is what has worked for so many years.


How dare we continue to oblige each candidate, allowing them to caucus in our states as if they can remotely relate to the American middle class; whose vote they need so desperately.  We do not know what it feels like to charter a jet for a weekend with friends.  And you do not know what it feels like to choose between gas and food for your family. 


Some are so star struck that they are unaware of the implication of their vote.  Whose agenda do they really have in mind.  It certainly isn’t mine. 

I do not approve of you raising taxes to further what’s high on your priority list.  I am against implementing an alternative lifestyle into our public education system.  As you continue to remove and dismember any existence of God or prayer in our institutions.

3,700 Abortions are performed every day.  Abortion is not birth control, there has to be a better way to protect our children from pregnancy, such as abstinence.  Being a single parent shouldn’t be an option and a determining factor in terminating a life.  Families need a better infrastructure.

With terrorism on the rise, how our borders can remain open is beyond disbelief.  Allowing undocumented immigrants into our country places us at risk economically, educational institutions suffer; our health care system is stressed to no limit, and the demographics of our country is  in jeopardy.

We are a people borne from the hardest working individuals this earth has ever known. People, who died because they yearned to be educated, lynched just for the right to vote, abused, harassed and burned-out because they wanted to live in areas that provided a hopeful environment for their children. They fought to have us stop being portrayed as maids, butlers, and shiftless fools in Hollywood, but are we really any better off as a whole than we were in the 40’s-60’s, I think not.

Please consider how you are casting your vote.  Your vote counts.  So let’s rock the vote in 2008.  Consider whose agenda each candidate has in mind.  Think of your own future, morals and values.  What creed do you live by??  Whose agenda do you have in mind?  For all of you dissatisfied citizens of the United States of America get out and vote.  And be counted

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