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why scientists make me batty…

February 21, 2008

from global warming to population explosion threats, all the environmental ills are attributed in some shape or fashion to mankinds proliferation and subsequent exploitation of the planet, that is until I found this little quote from of all people, a scientist.

And on average there are about 130 people per square mile of land on Earth, but people don’t take up a lot of space. Far more than 99.9 percent of the land on Earth is not occupied by a person at a given time, according to rough calculations by researcher Alex de Sherbinin of Columbia University.

Space junk hits Earth often, not people

Odds of anyone being hurt from falling debris: 1 in a trillion

By Seth Borenstein

WASHINGTON – Giant chunks of manmade space junk — like the dead satellite that the U.S. government is trying to shoot down — regularly fall to Earth. Yet no one has ever been reported hurt by them.

Chunks of debris weighing two tons or more from satellites and rocket parts fall uncontrolled every three weeks or so, according to an analysis by a Harvard University astronomer who tracks satellites and space debris.

And that’s just based on the last three years. Go back a decade or so when countries didn’t try to control these falling objects. Back then, two-ton chunks fell to Earth much more frequently said Jonathan McDowell, who runs Jonathan’s Space Report, which tracks the world’s space launches and satellites.

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