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73% of Black Men Make Up Interracial Relationship

March 9, 2008

From Anna of Illinois:

This stat is according to a recent study did by Essence Magazine. I heard about this stat on Tyra Banks. What do you guys think about that? I guess this is why there are so many forums as it relates to IR dating here on the AA Topix. I really do feel it has to do with appearance, skin tone and hair length and texture.The whole comparance thing between black women and none black women has been taken to another level by not only society, but black men as well. I guess I don’t know if black men wanting none black women has more to do with just their preference (which I am totally o.k. with) or, as some black women have suggested, it has to do with self hatred. I mean come on – 73%? That is fairly large number.

the ensuing 32 pages of diatribe that follows are exactly the divisions I refer to in the film. War: what is good for?

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