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church and state

March 10, 2008

 the scariest new release I have seen in a very long time.

Southern Baptist leaders sign environment vow

‘Actions have often been too timid,’ especially on climate, they say

NEW YORK – In a major shift, a group of Southern Baptist leaders said their denomination has been “too timid” on environmental issues and has a biblical duty to stop global warming.

The declaration, signed by the president of the Southern Baptist Convention among others and released Monday, shows a growing urgency about climate change even within groups that once dismissed claims of an overheating planet as a liberal ruse. The conservative denomination has 16.3 million members and is the largest Protestant group in the U.S.

Even before Monday’s statement, religious activism on climate change had broadened beyond just liberal-leaning churches. But many of the most conservative Christians, including some Southern Baptist leaders, remained skeptical, and vigorously challenged evangelical environmentalists.

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