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Cardiologist, Son Killed In Plane Crash

March 17, 2008

for those who don’t know, I worked in health care for about 20 years prior to the film. This came across my desk this morning and broke my heart. I called on Dr. Collison for years, and was one of the last physicians I worked with prior to leaving, A wonderful asset to Health Care, a tremedous asset to the community, and moreover an outstanding Black Man. You shall be missed.

 respected and long-time cardiologist from the Washington Hospital Center has died in a plane crash.

Dr. Hector Collison and his 15-year-old son were killed when their SR-22 aircraft went down near the Front Royal Airport on Friday night.

The plane, piloted by Collision, had just taken off when it crashed.

Investigators said it is unclear what caused the crash, but the plane went down in some very rugged terrain.

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