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How Can the Achievement Gap Be Closed?

March 19, 2008

Stephen J. Dubner

The black-white gap in U.S. education is an issue that continues to occupy the efforts of a great many scholars. Roland Fryer and Steve Levitt have poked at the issue repeatedly; a recent study by Spyros Konstantopoulos looked at class size as a possible culprit, to little avail.

We gathered a group of people with wisdom and experience in this area — Caroline Hoxby, Daniel Hurley, Richard J. Murnane, and Andrew Rotherham — and asked them the following question:

How can the U.S. black-white achievement gap be closed?

Here are their responses

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My response:

So, so disappointing! All of this academic prowess, analysis and exercise in rationalization, and not one expert eluding to the fact that the gap is already pronounced and profound by the time African American children enter kindergarten, with too many African American children 2-3 years behind grade average in reading, writing and math skills. No educational system, no revamping, no reinventing, no child left behind can make up that deficiency. I think Cosby summed it up best; before you buy your child the newest set of Air Jordan’s, buy Hooked on Phonics


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