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I love black men? (april fool edition)

April 1, 2008

by Ms. Peggy Seats


Congratulations on the completion of the video on this very relevant topic, What Black Men Think. 

I bought it on Amazon, and was very anxious to view it.  And,I must say, its an interesting perspective.  Let me say, I am not intodemonizing black men at all.  I love black men, love my biologicalbrothers, who are wonderful men, and all of those who will allowme to respect them, bar none.  I am ruled by Light. 

However, I must respond, if you’re interested in a not so optimistic review. My take on the video is that it comes across as another pattern of “being in denial” that is of an epic pandemic level in our community.  We will neverbe able to cure the ills in our communities until we can face up to them.  Its like being on dope, you can’t get off of it until you own up to having a bad habit. 

Our community is in a state of emergency in almost every way, and yet we seem to feel that the best way to cure those ills is through denial. Here’s the reality that I see: 

1)  We are not free, slavery has only been modernized; 

2)  Black men are not the only victims of both post and      modern slavery as we seem to try to always want to      posture it.  It’s a different kind of oppression that black     women and children suffer, but it is very real, i.e.- black     women and children, on too large a proportion, have no     men to honor love and protect us;  we are raising our children     alone; get no appreciation by all those who use and abuse     us, which includes all men [black, white and in between] on     some level.  The world is held up on our backs, and black      children are being reared too often without men to love them; 

3)  As you pointed out in your video, black women receive lower pay     for services, professionally and privately [as housewives] rendered; 

4)  Devaluation by society at large of black women, and especially by     black men who are either exploiting us too often for their own survival,      or looking down their noses at us as “unworthy” when they think they      got it going on, and can bring discretionary finances to the table; 

5)  Black men are the only men on the planet who put other women,     outside their ethnic ilk, above their own women; 

6)  There are, in fact probably about ten black women to every black     male on college campuses, and most black males, on general      market campuses, don’t look a black woman’s way; 

7)  The penal institutions are playing a major role in the de-man-ing     of our men, and serves as a larvae for the festering of homosexuality     and HIV/AIDS in our men, and consequently our community.  And,      truth be told, there is rampant promiscuity in our community, and that’s     a fact [whether its heterosexuality, bi-sexuality or homosexuality]. Long     term, loving commitment and loyalty is a dinosaur it seems; 

8)  There is indeed, a war going on between black men and women,     especially the hatred black men harbor towards black women and     children who look like them.  There’s obviously more pride in mixed     race offspring and female counterparts than in those that look black; 

9)  Black people, in general are self-loathing victims of brainwashing and     inculcation of inferiority complexes, and yet don’t have a clue that we are; 

10) Black men are so busy playing the victim role that they can’t see the     pain that black women and children are in, especially black women      who, by in large, are a women without men; 

11) There is no way to twist the stats to make the above a non-reality in      our community.  These facts are real, and that does not mean that       black women and children are “demonizing” black men, it just means      that these pandemics are real; 

12) Despite that black women [who are not so prone to play the “poor victim”     role as black men] are the only people on the planet who give black men     true unconditional love [too much I contend], yet are held in utter disdain by     most black men and treated accordingly. Even so, black women are still incredibly     loyal to black men, moreso than black men are to us.  This is a fact, and no amount      of counter data can dispel that reality;   

13) Black men are fratricidal, and that’s a fact. If they aren’t killing one       another, they’re killing their own women, parents and children and/or      absconding anytime the going gets a little rough.  It’s black-on-black      crime time in our communities.  It’s sad, but true;  

14) Despite the examples of “successful” black men you profiled in the      video, the majority of black men [as most interviewee’s stated] are       not assuming responsibility for their own tendency to aide and abet      the enemy in their own demise each and every chance they get; and 

15) No one is gonna save us but us.  Black men gotta start loving not only      themselves, but their own women and children and become real men [responsible]      again instead of whimpering, pathetic, blaming everyone but themselves      peter pans.  Black women are carrying way too much of the load for our      race, while black men are busy being whimpering victims and hating the      only ones who love them for themselves [instead of for the $40 million slaves      contract they got, etc., that’s a piece of cake to usurp cause those other “pretty”      women just love them and know how to treat [trick] them, etc. ad nauseum b.s.,      while the women who got them there [black women] only want them for their       money once they got something to give back.] Let’s face it, black women, for       all of their endless pain and suffering, not to mention extreme [to the point of foolish]      unconditional love they give black men get little but grief, taken for granted and      abhorred by the very men who love the women who give birth to their worse enemy.      These new trophy women are loved more by black males than they do their own      Mothers, Sisters, Nieces, Aunts, Cousins, Daughters, etc., aka, black female mirrors. 

Of course, there’s exceptions to every rule, thank God, but “the truth is the Light.”And we’ve got to own up to our own self-loathing demons, and to being either totallyignorant and/or in total denial about the crisis in our communities with the black man’s failure to grow up, assume responsibility, and love himself and his own women and children.  The reality is, black males, in particular, are playing a large role in that emergency state of affairs due to lack of self-love for himself and his own kind, as areblack women too, but not to as great of an extent as black males.  It this were true, few of our children would ever make it to adulthood, in spite of how damaged they are as it were, when they do. God ordained that it takes two to produce a child, and two to love and rear one. This is the tragic reality of our condition.  And, I’m not pointing fingers, but callingit like I see; and I’ve been around. I’ve traveled the world, and have been to a lot of places and seen a lot of things; and these days, invariably, when I see a black manwho looks like he can afford to do the giving, instead of the taking, he’s with someonewho doesn’t look like me, and I’m pretty darn cute.  And, I’m not one of those black women who says it doesn’t bother me.  It does.  And, it should bother all black women,for its an affront to us and our value, especially since the mating is not based on truelove but, more often than not, true self-loathing and posturing.  The self esteem is solow with black males, it takes someone outside of yourself, to make you feel of value [sad, but true]. 

So……………………………………………..when black men decide to become real men,generally speaking, who love themselves and their own women and children, they will cease becoming such easy targets of genocide, which is pretty much on automaticpilot as a fratricidal pandemic right now, on every level in our constituency, I’m sad to say.   

Nice attempt to redeem the image of black men, but media hype alone will not save our community.  Growing up, owning up and putting in the sweat equity, self examinationand due diligence will.  No one will save us, but us.   

In closing, as long as the women are trying to be the men, and the “men” the bitches, as a people, we will continue to spiral downwards into a hotter hell.  So, I pray we get a grip.  That’s the only saving grace, not rationalizing why we’re on automatic pilot at adeptlyimplementing willie lynch’s formula for a permanent caste system of self-destructive slaves. I pray for the children.    

Peggy Seats

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