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  • Sex: Female
  • Location: Euclid, OH
  • Age: 37
    What Black Men Think is one of the most essential educational tools for the future of our black men. Unfortunately, many of them have relied on thier own knowledge, and misrepresentation of their peers. Black men need to really understand their potential and how great they are, and chanel that information in ways that they prove to be assets to their family, their communiities, and the world. They have distinguished gifts given to them by God, And should utilize them. I am a single mother of three boys. At times, I have experienced difficulties in communicating with them. Although, I was married to their father, he is not, nor have ever really been active in their life, or supportive in my endeavor to express the importance of education. In your movie, I beleive what I have been looking for. The opportunity to present to my sons the facts, and from there, the sky is the limit. Thank you foir this valuable tool. Before now, I was really frustrated in attempting to speak to my sons on certain topics. But now, we can watch this DVD together, and discuss the topics. Again, thank you. From a concerned mother who wants nothing but the best for her sons, and expects no less than the greatness that God has bestowed upon her sons. You are a concerned mother’s prayer come true. God bless you.
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