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the intrinsic value of commerce

It seems the word is getting out about the upcoming 6 hour event, CNN Presents: Black in America.  I want to keep this relatively short and sweet. We constantly complain about BET, HGM, Flavor of Love, etc,etc, etc. We protest, do on-line petitions and are negative combatant expert activists when necessary. Now on the flip side, this appears (from the multiple screenings I’ve heard feedback from across the country), to try and give a truer representation of the Black experience in America, both good and bad.


My point?

Sometimes we have been so conditioned to react to what we won’t tolerate, we forget how to support what we want. The most valuable commodity we poses is time, and what we do with our time is critical as it relates to this effort by Soledad and her team. So to disprove the all to often referred myth by advertisers that Blacks inherently do not understand the intrinsic value of commerce (i.e. 1) we won’t support the positive, and 2) our “I got the hook-up mentality will not translate in to bottom line sales numbers), I propose the following:

1) Watch or TIVO or DVR the show.

2) The first advertiser on the first day of each show buy their product – THE NEXT DAY (as long as it isn’t TOYOTA, a little pricey) Deomnstrating what Bohmani has deemed a BUYCOTT. (remember that whole Black Boycott thing a few months ago? what were the tangible and measurable results from that idiotic and 60’s throwback proposition? How you demonstrate your power and influence in the 21st century is through consorted economic acquisition)


This sends a message to CNN, the advertisers, and the Corporations that we watch, we buy, and we support things that reflect our ideals, hopes and struggles in this country,

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