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Meet Janks Morton, Director of ‘What Black Men Think’

from AOL/Black Voices

‘What Black Men Think’ has been promoted as “the most provocative” film since “ROOTS.”

Novice documentary filmmaker Janks Morton examines the role that myths, stereotypes and misperceptions play in modern Black relationships. He attempts to discredit these illusions and show how others provide larger insight into the relationship between the African-American community, the government, the media and special interests.

He concludes that the dehumanization and tearing down of black men has been used to manipulate the race and marginalize the role of black men in society.

Recently, Black Voices sat down with the critically-acclaimed director to talk about the film, what he learned making it and about his mission to change what black men think. …

What’s your background? 




I never made a movie before. I come from the health care background. I’ve worked there for 20 years. I’m also a musician by trade. I learned how to cut music videos a few years back so this film is really an extended music video.


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