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retraction jackson?

SO many organizations manipulate, finagle or just plain lie about statistics, in order to fulfill the premise under which they began the study. Twist the results more than carnival performer to get the outcome they want… So somebody got jammed up, and barely got any coverage in the MSM this week. Take a look at 2 press releases…can you find the snafu (hint look at the Asian stats and it will all start to come clear)


Mark Sayre, Reporter
New Study Looks at Racial Disparity in Prison Sentencing

A new study of the Nevada justice system shows that blacks receive more prison time than whites for similar crimes. Lawmakers are reviewing the findings.

The study’s authors say it could be the most comprehensive study ever of race and its relationship to justice here in Nevada. But at least one observer of the criminal justice system says the findings are anything but surprising.

Read a presentation about the study

If you are black and you are in Nevada’s criminal justice system, the odds are not in your favor.

According to the University of Nevada Reno study, blacks received significantly higher minimum and maximum sentences than white defendants. This is true in all three categories of crimes studied, including grand larceny, conspiracy and burglary.

“We did find some interesting differences by gender and by race,” said Dr. Jim Richardson with UNR.


Jonathan Humbert, Investigative Reporter
UNR Study, Race Does Not Effect Prison Sentencing

Is the justice system blind or biased? That’s at the heart of a newly finalized study by the University of Nevada-Reno. It says race does not play a role in criminal sentencing and that has critics crying foul.

Last week Eyewitness Newswas told race did play a role. Now UNR says, after looking at criminal history, drug use and a host of other factors, the courts have no bias when it comes to race. Critics say that’s because the racism starts long before the case reaches the courtroom.

The findings were unveiled Monday during a legislative hearing. The original study simply compared statistics of prisoners behind bars and race and looked at no other factors.

Monday the researchers looked into the whole prisoner picture and found when they account for similar backgrounds, including past offenses, economic factors and education levels, there are no differences in sentencing for blacks versus other races.

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