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is it just me?

 I will always remember the single mom who had adopted two kids with autism, didn’t have health insurance and discovered she had cancer. But she greeted me with her bald head painted with my name on it and asked me to fight for healthcare

so maybe my healthcare ears were a bit too much in tuned last night but do you see something wrong with this picture? Let me explain, after years of watching the grueling devastation that is chemotherapy, and it’s adverse side-effects (i.e. balding) when Ms. Clinton goes on to describe a balding woman advocating for healthcare, I had an immediate disconnect. If you are balding, you are probably on chemo, if you are on chemo, you are getting healthcare. Is it just me or am I just tripping?

  1. liquidassets
    August 27, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    Well, you may be right, but I wouldn’t immediately disconnect just from hearing that; you’d need to know more about how she got the chemotherapy, did she fight to get insurance somehow, is she paying out of pocket, did she find a “free” clinical trial at a teaching hospital, etc. Or is she in the large group of people who get health insurance temporarily and then lose it, leaving them “stranded” in terms of their treatment. I just spent several weeks finding a clinical trial for an acquaintance from work, whose father had leukemia and no health insurance. When I called her back to give her the info, she thanked me, but informed me her father had just died.

  2. oceanusquinn
    September 2, 2008 at 1:02 am

    I believe you’ve done more than just “trip,” my friend. You’ve managed to stumble over the hunched over backs of countless Americans who are overworked and without proper health care. Did you know that our “glorious leader” Boo Dolllar Sign H wants to completely privatize the health industry? If his plans ever saw the light of day, let’s just say if that we’d have a lot more cancer patients with full heads of hair.

    Because they wouldn’t be able to afford the corporate-priced treatments!!!

    This woman could have easily undergone part of her treatment, and then been stopped short because she lacked the funds necessary to continue. Of course, the corporations could care less about her plight; all they’re after is her wallet.

    Ever wonder why no one cares that McDonalds still advertises to children? Because the health problems it will give them as young people will eventually turn in to profits for the medical industry. That’s right. The corporations are all in cahoots and they want stop until every single U.S. dollar is siphoned into their overseas accounts. That’s capitalism, folks.

    Now more than ever, we keep alive the idea of universal health care, for it shall be the first of many steps to return the notion of equality back to the American people.

  3. jackrabid
    September 17, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    Are you functionally retarded? Healthcare doesn’t mean simply that you’re getting ” care ” for your ” health “, it means there’s a social institution established that will make your treatment options affordable if not free and not send you spiralling into debt just to save your own life. Also you spelled balding wrong twice and you actually paid for a banner ad to advertise this shit.

  4. September 19, 2008 at 2:40 am

    Health care, or healthcare, is the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical well being through the services offered by the medical, nursing, and allied health professions. Health care embraces all the goods and services designed to promote health, including “preventive, curative and palliative interventions, whether directed to individuals or to populations

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