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I am stuck on you!

one day and counting and I can’t get enough of this stuff! another site to track electoral progress tomorrow.



How to Start a Party at the Polls

Tomorrow is the BIG day for many of us and will no doubt be a day full of lots of waiting. So in an effort to keep people excited and in line, we’ve come up with some entertaining ways to make your voting experience easier and more fun.


1. Bring proper identification.


2. Bring water, food, snacks. A little food and water can help give people the energy they need to power through. 


3. Healthy snacks are good, but you can also use the opportunity to get rid of extra Halloween candy. 
4. Bring some folding chairs. Some people may need a break from standing; you can give them somewhere to sit. 
5. Rain? Bring umbrellas, ponchos, plastic bags. Help people stay dry. 
6. Bring an iPod, music player or boombox. Play an instrument? Bring it to the polls and play some songs. Take requests. Avoid music that might be offensive or abrasive to some people. Keep in mind that not everyone may like your music, so pay attention to how people are reacting; you don’t want to drive anyone away. 
7. Be prepared to cover up campaign t-shirts, buttons, etc. Some places have rules against campaigning within 100 feet of the polls. Wearing a t-shirt or button can be considered a form of campaigning, so if you’re wearing gear from a particular candidate, be prepared to cover it up or change into different clothes if someone asks you to. 
8. Above all, have fun, and spread it around. Help everyone out, not just people supporting your candidate. This is about making sure everyone has the right to vote. Voters disagree on many issues, but we should all be able to agree that participation in our democracy is an exciting thing. Help bring a festive spirit to the polling place.


Thanks to my friends over at ColorofChange for the info


After watching the final debate the other night, it dawned on me that Obama could actually win this thing.  If that happens, there will be a lot of people (some of our co-workers included) who will be afraid that an Obama presidency will usher in the end of days.  They’ll be watching us on November 5th (the day after the election) for signs of the end times. To keep the peace and keep a lot of folks from getting nervous, I think we should develop a list of acceptable celebrations and behaviors we should probably avoid – at least for the first few days:

1.      No crying, hugging or shouting “Thank you Lord” – at least not in public

2.      No high-fives – at least not unless the area is clear and there are no witnesses

3.      No laughing at the McCain/Palin supporters

4.      No calling in sick on November 5th. They’ll get nervous if too many of us don’t show up.

5.       We’re allowed to give each other knowing winks or nods in passing.  Just try to keep from grinning too hard.

6.      No singing loudly, We’ve come this Far By Faith  (it will be acceptable to hum softly)

7.      No bringing of barbeque ribs or fried chicken for lunch in the company lunchroom for at least a week (no chittlings at all) (this may make us seem too ethnic)

8.      No leaving kool-aid packages at the water fountain (this might be a sign that poor folks might be getting a break through)

9.      No Cupid Shuffle during breaks (this could indicate a little too much excitement)

10.  Please no Moving on Up music (we are going to try to remain humble)

11.  No doing the George Jefferson dance (unless you’re in your office with the door closed)

12.  Please try not to yell—-BOOOO YAH! 13.      Just in case you’re wondering, doing the Running Man, cabbage patch, or a backhand spring on the highway is 100% okay.


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