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Daniel Craig says we’re ready for black 007: Here are top 5

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Monday, November 10th 2008, 2:36 AM

Arthur Ashe won Wimbledon, Doug Williams won a Super Bowl, Barack Obama won the presidency.

So now, guys, the warmups are over. Daniel Craig says we’re ready for a black James Bond.


Because he’s the current James Bond, he’s gotten our attention with that idea, even though he admits Bond creator Ian Fleming no more envisioned a black Bond than he envisioned his suave spy driving a station wagon.

No matter. The times they have a-changed, which means instead of “whether,” the discussion about a black James Bond should focus on “who.”

Craig didn’t have specific suggestions. That’s okay. We do.

You’ll notice they don’t include, say, Denzel Washington or Will Smith – not because those guys aren’t great actors, but because Bond traditionally has been someone whose image isn’t already that well established. The omission of Diddy is also intentional.

So here’s our list, and for what it’s worth, the first two might be just a glide above the rest.

1. Taye Diggs. Currently playing a doctor on ABC’s “Private Practice,” Diggs aces one of the first requirements for any Bond: He makes women turn into little quivering pools of Jell-O on sight. He’s believable as the coolest guy in the room and he’s believable having fun.

2. Jamie Foxx. A few years ago, you might have snickered. That was before “Ray.” He’s easy on the ladies’ eyes, too, and he’s already played blind, so how hard could it be to do a British accent?

3. Lance Reddick. He’s now playing secretive government agent Phillip Broyles on the Fox drama “Fringe,” which isn’t bad training for playing Bond. We don’t know how he looks in an Aston Martin yet, since his current pay grade is a little deficient, but we’re betting he looks good.

4. Mekhi Phifer. His Gregory Pratt character was about to get a big promotion on “ER” when he hopped into an ambulance that blew up. Now someone else will get the promotion. Phifer isn’t as inscrutable as Bond has been, but that’s correctable.

5. Sharif Atkins. Another “ER” alumnus, he got blown up in Iraq. He played Dr. Gallant, which sounds like a Bond villain, and on TV he often looked a little too serious and earnest. But dress him up in something besides doctor blue or military drab and he could go places

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