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So I spent my entire Sunday doing two things, watching my Redskins get smashed, and smashing my head on my computer desk working on this iPhone (over-the-air) sync thing.


Nuevasync rocks! (www.nuevasync.com) if you want a turnkey solution for iphone to google (both calendar and contacts) realtime updates to all synced devices, with no “sync now” button

Google Calendar sync semi-rocks…Outlook on my desktop synced with google calendar every 5 minutes is pretty cool

Jott Rocks! call into the toll free number, and make appointments automatically put into google calendar or Outlook on desktop

So what has had me stuck for the past 8.2 hours, finding a utility to sync my Outlook Desktop and Google Contacts (like Google Calnedar sync)

tried gsyncit (FAIL)

tried ogg-something or other – FAIL

help! somebody out there has got to have an insight to this one…would make my life that more complete


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