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Growing Up Washingtonian!

December 17, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ok, so I got 14 out of 14…

This for all of you who are planning to attend the big event in January, and have not been enlightened to our very unique yet hospitable culture here in  the Nation’s Capitol…

Oh, to live and grow up in D.C. Ain’t nothing like it. Take your shot
at the questions below and see how well you do. Good luck!



Question 1
If someone said they lived near the “Big Chair”, that means they live
near which cross streets?

a.     East Capitol St & Benning Rd

b.    MLK Ave & Good Hope Rd

c.     Georgia Ave & Florida Ave

d.    8th St & H St


2.     Question 2

Which is a commonly used DC landmark when providing directions?

a.     Shrimp Hut

b.    Shrimp House

c.     Shrimp Soup

d.    Shrimp Boat


3.     Question 3
How do you pronounce the name “Eric”?

a.     AIR-ICK

b.    ER-ICK

c.     IRK

d.    AIRK


4.     Question 4
How do you pronounce the name “Anthony”?

a.     AN-FUH-NEE

b.    AN-THO-NEE

c.     AHN-THO-NEE



5.     Question 5
Which shoes will never go out of style in DC?

a.     Timberlands

b.    New Balance

c.     Reebok Classics

d.    All of the above


6.     Question 6
Choose the most appropriate ending for the following sentence. Folks
from Baltimore are __________.

a.     cold bammas

b.    great dressers

c.     very cool

d.    really bad


7.     Question 7
You are from out-of-town if you refer to Washington DC as what?

a.     The area

b.    The District

c.     Washington

d.    D.C.


8.     Question 8
How do you pronounce ” Maryland “?



c.     MER-LAND

d.    MER-LIN



9.     Question 9
What do you get on your fries from the Chinese carry out?

a.     Salt, pepper, & ketchup

b.    Mayonnaise

c.     mambo sauce

d.    hot sauce & vinegar


10.  Question 10
Name the artist anyone from the DC area would enjoy.

a.     Frankie Beverly

b.    Marvin Gaye

c.     Chuck Brown

d.    All of the above


11.  Question 11
“___________” and pork & beans.

a.     Hot dogs

b.    Fish

c.     Sardines

d.    Spam


12.  Question 12
What was your childhood ambition?

a.     To play in a go-go band

b.    To be a football player

c.     To be a basketball player

d.    To be a doctor


13.  Question 13
What does the word “joint” mean?

a.     Marijuana

b.    dance club

c.     a connection between two bones

d.    just about anything


14.  Question 14
Which are you NOT likely to hear at a drive-thru window at a drive-thru
restaurant in PG County?

a.     Hello, may I take your order?

b.    We’re out of chicken

c.     The Shake machine is broke.

d. Whatchu say u wanted again?

  1. LT
    December 18, 2008 at 10:11 am

    LOL! Good one. Very on point and funny too. I think I scored 14 out of 14 too!


  2. Marciepattinson
    December 19, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    Oh that was funny. I’ve lived here for 20 years and this was a good quiz. I got 12 right I’m sure.

  3. Madinat
    December 25, 2008 at 11:01 pm

    and the answers….

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