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Tonight at 11:00pm (if I can stay awake)

Dispelling Black Myths!

It is no secret that African Americans have an image problem. It is also no secret that the media misrepresents African Americans. What is ostensibly a secret is that many of the worst (and false) things being said about Black people are actually being perpetuated by Black people. Are there more Black men in prison than college? Are most Black men in prison? Are Black women being infected with HIV by secret gay Black men? Let’s talk…

Joining Darryl In Studio is This Week’s Guest:

Film maker Janks Morton, who in his film, What Black Men Think, presents a searing examination of the role that myths, stereotypes and misperceptions have played in the decimation of modern era Black relationships, and how the symbiotic relationship between Government, the Media and Special Interests perpetuates misinformation to further marginalize the role of Black Men in society.
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